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EU Member States got almost EUR 16 billion from 2013 to 2016 by putting a price on pollution and auctioning emissions allowances through the Emissions Trading System (ETS).
Overall they report to have spent over 85% of this - more than EUR 13 billion - on climate action.
This 'scoreboard' shows exactly how much each country has received as revenue from ETS auctions and also what is spent on climate action. It starts with the countries which spent the highest proportion of their ETS revenues on climate on the left, to the lowest on the right.

The 2016 update shows a linear decrease in revenues and spending of more than 20% compared to the previous year. This is due to a lower average auction price per emissions allowance, even though 10% more allowances were auctioned than in 2015. Far bigger revenues could be generated for climate action if meaningful action was taken to fix the ETS and bring up the price of allowances.  

The Emissions Trading System reform is a chance to ensure this money is used more smartly for the climate.

No more free allowances - all are auctioned  

  • Fewer free pollution permits

  • Take more permits off the market

  • A stronger carbon price

Ensure all auctioning revenues are used for climate action
  • Earmark auctioning revenues for climate action

  • Direct a minimum share to non-EU climate action

  • Don’t count any action which increases emissions as climate action

Improve EU countries’ spending reports

  • Set out better templates

  • Introduce a quality review